Last post of 2012!


((Since I’m going away for the whole month of December to work on a ship, I won’t be doing much else than lurking Tumblr whenever I’m allowed the time and bandwidth. So this is actually the last post of 2012. Not the last post, just for this year. Who knows, I might have a new format once I return in 2013. *gasp* Now I’m almost hoping the Mayans were right.

Frankly I never expected much of this. I thought I would get some followers and call it quits after a month or so. To think that Ask Lord Caesar led me here. No wonder I got some pretty awesome efriends in the Fallout-RP community and as such a pretty strong base of followers there. However, what struck me as strange when I checked my follower count today was the large number of MLP and Homestruck fans, none of which I have much experience with overall. Perhaps they can tell me why the shenanigans of Nyarlathotep attract them in such numbers, I’m dying to know…

I just want to thank you all for your support thus far, turning ten posts into almost 150. Also thanks to the Anons, sometimes you make me question why I have that box checked, but in all but a few cases I get my best material from you. I love you too Anon, is what I am trying to say.

I have two more days of freedom and will try to pester those I follow as much as I can before I’m shipped out.

Again, thank you all!))

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